One in four pupils being taught in oversized classes

A quarter of children in Longford are being taught in class sizes of 30 pupils or more, it has been revealed.

At the moment, average class sizes stand at 24.3, half a percentage point below the 24.8 national figure which latest Department of Education figures confirm.

Despite that positivity, Longford’s average class sizes returned less impressive results when many of its adjoining counties are taken into consideration.

Barring Westmeath with average class sizes of 24.4, Longford’s 24.3 total was ahead of Cavan (24), Leitrim (23.5) and the country’s best performing county, Roscommon (22.1).

Pupil-teacher ratio numbers has remained more or less on a par with previous years and currently stands at 16.3.

This, despite the loss of support teachers at a number of schools in counties across the region.

Enrolment numbers at both primary and second level rose over the past year, coinciding with a rise in teacher numbers by 1,000.

The total number of full-time students in education circles also increased, reflecting a recent upturn in Ireland’s jobs market.




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