Obituary: Eamon Mulleady - ‘His generosity and kindness towards people knew no bounds’

The late Eamon Mulleady.

The late Eamon Mulleady.

It has been a year since the sudden death of Eamon Mulleady, who passed away tragically on May 9, 2013.

Eamon was born in 1973 and grew up in Drumlish, where he attended the local national school. He went to Moyne Community School and it was there his business sense was recognised and encouraged by his teachers.

At 19, Eamon left Drumlish to seek employment in England, where his brother Declan was already living and working. He worked with Declan on one of Britain’s largest projects at the time, the Channel Tunnel.

In 1996, under the guidance of their late father Sean Snr, and their late brother Sean, Eamon and Declan formed Mulleady Civil Engineering Ltd. In 2001 MCE Ltd Ireland was also formed.

In 2006, Eamon and Attracta’s first child Charlotte was born. The birth of his baby daughter brought great joy to Eamon as he became a proud father for the first time. In 2010, they were again blessed with the birth of their son Robert. The children also brought great joy to Sadie, Eamon’s mother, and Sean Snr.

In 2011, Eamon moved with his family back to Drumlish where he constructed a remarkable home for his family in Cloonaugh.

During his busy family and business life, Eamon always found time to help family members and friends. Eamon was a loving son to his mother, and took care of her every need. His generosity, kindness and great empathy towards people knew no bounds.

Eamon gave time and energy unreservedly to many causes and charities, one of which was the Casey Fitzgerald cause where a young girl unable to walk, suffering from cerebral palsy, came to his attention. Eamon formed a team of volunteers in Drumlish, which helped to raise a large amount of money.

Eamon was always conscious of the plight of children in Romanian orphanages. He organised clothes, food and toys and travelled with a convoy of trucks across Europe to Romania. These are just a few examples of his generosity.

Central to Eamon’s life was his great religious beliefs. He always found peace in the Church and often expressed his strong beliefs to others. He had travelled many times on pilgrimages to Medjugorje.

Eamon had many close friends who were very good to him, especially during extremely difficult times, when his father passed away and the untimely death of his brother and close friend Sean, whose passing brought terrible grief to Eamon. The friendship, kindness, support and consideration that Fr Pat Lennon, Pat Faughnan, Peter O’Brien, Mick Hagan and many others showed to Eamon will never be forgotten by Eamon’s family.

There is no doubt that the greatest loves in his life were his two beautiful children, Charlotte and Robert. Although they miss him dearly, he will always be by their side to help guide them in the right direction.

Eamon is dearly missed by his entire family and is always in their thoughts.

Eamon’s anniversary mass will be held in St Mary’s Church, Drumlish on Friday, May 9 at 8pm.

Please note: Pieta House are holding Darkness into Light 5K walk/run at the Mall Complex in Longford on Saturday morning, May 10 and 4.15am. Details can be found at




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