‘Man Up’ to highlight the issue of domestic violence

Photo By Shelley Corcoran

Photo By Shelley Corcoran

Last Thursday, over 30 men from all walks of life in Longford gathered at Longford Women’s Link to support this year’s Man Up campaign.

Man Up is a nationwide initiative which aims to raise awareness of domestic violence and this year LWL invited local men from the worlds of sport, the arts, politics, community groups, business and religion to take part in the campaign.

“The campaign asks men to become our allies with regard to violence against women,” Moe Reynolds, LWL told the Leader. “Men are an integral part of stopping the violence - so men are being asked to stand up and become more aware of the fact that real men don’t abuse and humiliate women, real men respect and love women.”

Speaking on the day, the CEO of LWL, Louise Lovett said:We were absolutely delighted with the number of diverse local men who joined with us on a cold, damp Thursday at 8:30am to show solidarity for the local launch of the national Manup campaign. I think the photo speaks for itself and I want to express my sincere thanks on behalf of our staff and our clients for the support of these men for this campaign,” she added.

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