Investigations continue into Ballymahon fracas

Several people were arrested and a man is believed to have been treated in hospital in the aftermath of street fight that broke out on Ballymahon’s main thoroughfare in the early hours of last Sunday morning.

Longford Gardaí say that up to 40 people were involved in the incident, which they are now describing as a “violent disorder matter” and, a file in respect of the disturbance is currently being prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Two ambulances were also called to the scene and the Leader understands that additional gardaí were summoned to the area, after members of Longford’s detective unit, who were resent in the town, called for back-up as the incident ensued.

Local businesses, in the normally quiet and idyllic town of Ballymahon, are currently assisting gardaí with their investigations and have provided CCTV footage from the altercation, which is believed to have lasted for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.

“People in Ballymahon are absolutely mortified by the likes of this behaviour,” one businessman told the Leader on Tuesday morning.

“This incident involves a group from Longford town and a group from Edgeworthstown who fell out and picked Ballymahon to carry out their turf war. It happened out on the main street and basically car loads arrived into the town to engage in this behaviour.”

The local man went on to say, it was the understanding of business people in the town, that there had been a “rave party” in Westmeath on the night of the incident and that “car loads of guys coming from the rave pulled into Ballymahon on the way back”.

“They were a gang of thugs and Travellers, many of them known to gardaí, and they just picked Ballymahon as the place to hold their turf war,” the businessman fumed.

Meanwhile, Jackie Whyte, Ballymahon Traders Association. said that members believed the incident in the town last Sunday morning was “premeditated”. “Unfortunately, Ballymahon got caught in the middle of this and the Traders Association believes that it was a premediated incident,” she explained further. “Ballymahon is normally a very quiet town and known for not being involved in any trouble or disturbance. Businesses in the town are co-operating fully with the gardaí at this time.”

Gardaí in Longford are continuing their investigations into the matter.


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