Help at hand for injured fox found in Longford

Sparky is doing well at the Kildare Animal Foundation shelter.

Sparky is doing well at the Kildare Animal Foundation shelter.

A badly injured fox found in Longford has been taken under the wing of the Kildare Animal Foundation.

The ISPCA had received a call about a badly injured fox not far from the National Animal Centre in Kenagh.

“The caller was concerned about Sparky, who had been visiting her garden on and off for about a year.”a spokesperson for Kildare Animal Fuoundation explained. “She would leave food out for him, but would stay well away so as not to encourage him to become friendly. Last week, the lady noticed that he had sustained significant injuries to his leg.”

Cathy Griffin from the ISPCA responded to the call, bringing with her a humane fox trap and carrier, with the hope of safely capturing Sparky so that he could receive veterinary attention.

He was quickly caught and taken to the National Animal Centre where he spent the night before being transferred for specialist treatment to the Kildare Animal Foundation shelter.

The injuries that Sparky sustained were nasty, and had become infected. Though the foundation are unsure of the exact cause of the injuries, they suspect it may have been from a trap.

With wounds now clean and dressed, and with strong antibiotics and pain relief being administered, Sparky is still with the Kildare Animal Foundation. Though it will take weeks to find out whether or not Sparky will make a full recovery, things are so far looking good.

To keep up to date with Sparky’s recovery, visit the KFA wildlife unit page on Facebook.




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