Heated exchanges as Town Council gets set for crunch budget meeting

Mae Sexton

Mae Sexton

Last night (Wednesday) saw Longford Town Council hold its penultimate monthly meeting of the year.

As well as dealing with a wide range of local topics, elected representatives were also joined by Superintendent Denis Shields for a quarterly Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting.

During those discussions, calls were made by some councillors to broaden the way in which such committee’s conduct their everyday business.

Cllr Mae Sexton argued that perhaps the organisation should examine the possibility of inviting members from the local chamber of commerce on board.

This, she said, might go a long way towards eradicating any lingering “ill-feeling” that may still exist between both organisations following a recent difference of opinion over parking charges in the lead up to Christmas.

For more on what was said and for other talking points that emerged from last night’s meeting, see next week’s Longford Leader.




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