Happy ending for abandoned pups

Cupid and Valentino are making a great recovery despite their rough beginnings.

Cupid and Valentino are making a great recovery despite their rough beginnings.

Two puppies abandoned on the Athlone Road in Longford look likely to make a full recovery, thanks to their rescuer and the ISPCA.

The two terrier cross puppies, named Cupid and Valentino having been found the day before Valentine’s Day, were just days old when they were found on the side of the busy road.

A passer-by spotted the puppies and after placing them in his hat to keep them warm, he made contact with the ISPCA, who were quick to respond.

From there, the ISPCA’s Denise McCausland immediately took the pups under her wing. Though initially it was feared that they wouldn’t survive, Denise worked around the clock to save them, beginning with bottle feeding the young pups every two hours.

Thankfully, her efforts were not in vain, and the pups are now doing well.

Denise, however, is shocked by the circumstances surrounding the rescue of the puppies.

“It is completely shocking to see defenceless animals being discarded like rubbish and left to die at the side of a busy road,” she said.

“It is irresponsible and cruel showing a total lack of respect for the welfare of vulnerable animals.

“They were so young and defenceless when rescued that it really was touch and go if they would survive but thankfully we were alerted in time and able to help them. They were hungry and cold and would probably have died within hours if they had not been found”

The ISPCA are appealing for information on the origin of the pups, and are concerned for the welfare of their mother and any other siblings that there might be.

If you have any information, contact the ISPCA National Cruelty Helpline on 1890 515 515 in confidence, or email helpline@ispca.ie.

Despite their rough beginnings, Cupid and Valentino continue to grow stronger, and will eventually be moved to the ISPCA National Animal Centre, where all efforts will be made to find loving new homes for the duo.

Their story has already gripped the heart of the nation and is doing the rounds on the social media networks as animal lovers all over the country delight in the heartwarming story.

For more information on Cupid and Valentino, to keep up to date on their progress or for information on other animals helped by the ISPCA, call the National Animal Centre on 043 33 22035, email info@ispca.ie or visit www.ispca.ie.




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