Gardaí to roll out anti-burglary plan in north Longford

Gardai sealed off the scene of the accident

Gardai sealed off the scene of the accident

Gardaí are to launch a major offensive over the coming months in a bid to arrest rising burglary rates, writes Liam Cosgrove.

It comes as the number of crimes reported to gardaí across the northern half of the county continue to show little sign of abating.

This, despite a seven per cent drop in so-called ‘headline crimes’ compared to the same period last year.

“We are down in that area,” Superintendent Tom Murphy told a meeting of Granard’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC) last week.

“But I’m still not satisfied with the number of burglaries (being reported).”

A key component in the fight against break-ins has been the introduction of a text alert system.

The Granard Garda District helped pioneer its launch in July 2011, achieving a 40 per cent reduction in crime along the way.

Many others, including districts from across the country, have since replicated the Granard model in the ongoing fight against organised crime.

More than two years on, gardaí are keen to build on its success by specifically targeting areas where burglaries have shown a marked increase of late.

“There is one section in Granard that is bringing up all the (crime figures) and there is a plan to deal with that,” said a source this week.




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