Gardaí advise ‘vigilance’ at ATMs

Photo Michelle Ghee.

Photo Michelle Ghee.

Gardaí in Longford have advised members of the public to exercise vigilance while using ATMs, following criminal behaviour at the facilities recently.

The warning follows in the aftermath of a number of serious skimming issues which occurred locally in recent weeks.

“We would be asking people using ATMs to be conscious of the fact that people may be watching them with criminal intent,” a garda spokesperson said. “The advice would be for people to place their hand over the keypad when typing in pin numbers, this will prevent wouldbe skimmers from operating.”

The spokesperson went on to say that the issue had become a cause for concern to the gardaí and if anyone noticed anything suspicious at ATMs to report it immediately to the gardaí. “We would also advise people not to write down pin numbers and to memorise them instead. It is about being cautious and exercising vigilance at all times,” he added. “Numbers written down and left in hand bags and purses will be detected if the items are stolen, so it is better to memorise these numbers instead of writing them down.”




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