Exotic bird may have Longford roots

The parakeet at Kildare Animal Foundation

The parakeet at Kildare Animal Foundation

A county Longford woman had a very surprising visitor to her home last week when she discovered a strange bird flying around her kitchen.

The bird eventually landed on the woman’s floor clearly tired, cold and hungry.

After feeding her new visitor, the woman started making some calls and ended up contacting the Kildare Animal Foundation which takes in exotic birds.

“We gave the bird a couple of hours rest before wanting to move her as the stress might of just been too much,” Dan Donoher of the Kildare Animal Foundation said this week.

“That evening a very kind and great supporter of the shelter drove to pick the bird up and bring it to safety.

“By the time the Alexandrine Parakeet or Alexandrian Parrot as they are sometimes known arrived it was much brighter and just wanted more food.”

After a feast of fruit, vegetables, various seeds, grains and nuts, the bird rested up and started to acclimatise to its new surroundings.

The bird is now in foster care with a member of the Foundation to see if it is just an escaped pet and Dan Donoher believes that the bird could have Longford roots.

“It is more than likely that the bird is from the area,” Dan explained this week, pointing out that animals like this don’t get very far once they get out of their usual surroundings.

“When they get out, they are often chased by other birds or in some cases they starve to death.”

The Foundation is keen not to give too much information away, but they confirmed that the animal was found in the south Longford area.

Now the search is on for the rightful owner. Already they have had a number of calls from people claiming to own this beautiful animal but Kildare Animal Foundation has a special way of weeding out the fake calls - they just talk to the bird.

“The bird says a good few words and knows its name. It’s very clever,” Dan added.

Anyone claiming to own the bird should know its name and the extent of its vocabulary.

“If this bird isn’t claimed then we will find it a great new home where it will be well cared for and live with other parrots,” Dan explained.

“Adopting any pet bird is not a decision to be taken lightly, and adopting a large parrot often involves committing to provide for the animal for 50 + years.”

Contact Kildare Animal Foundation at 045-522929.


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