Council official hits back at magazine article

Frank Sheridan

Frank Sheridan

A Longford County Council official has hit back at an article printed in the current edition of The Phoenix magazine in relation to the sale of his house.

Director of Services Frank Sheridan said he believed that the article “is an attempt to besmirch my good name.”

The article outlined details of the sale of Mr Sheridan’s house to a company owned by a property development company which was planning to build over 300 houses in the Clonbalt area.

Speaking to the Longford Leader this week, Mr Sheridan said: “The facts are that seven years ago my wife and I sold our family home where we lived happily for over 30 years and we are entitled to rights of privacy in the same way as any other citizen.

“As a senior official of the local authority I have certain obligations and in this regard I was fully compliant as the records clearly show.”

The minutes of a Co Council meeting in March 2006 indicate that Mr Sheridan informed members of the County Council that he had a potential conflict of interest in relation to the proposed variations of the the draft development plan for the area.




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