Concerns were raised over tree which caused fatal accident

The late Aisling Maguire pictured here with a friend.

The late Aisling Maguire pictured here with a friend.

Residents living on the Ballymahon Road in Mullingar claim they alerted local authorities about the condition of a tree which fell and fatally injured 23-year-old Aisling Maguire as she was driving through the area on December 18 last.

Speaking in Monday’s Irish Daily Mail, local man Noel Corcoran said: “We were all worried about it and knew it was going to fall. There was no doubt in the world about that. It was only a matter of when.

“I contacted Westmeath County Council a few weeks ago about it but I heard nothing back.”

Another resident, Patricia Sheridan, added: “We were all in agreement that it was deadly and would come down in a storm.”

A spokesman for Westmeath Co Council confirmed that the tree had been inspected but was not deemed to be dangerous.

However, John Lynch, the tree surgeon who removed the tree after the crash, said it was laden with a dangerous level of ivy. “That added a few tonnes to its weight and with the rain and wind bashing against it, it would have been blowing back and forth,” he told the Mail’s reporter. “It was a big, long tree about 150 to 180 years old and under so much stress.”

Ms Maguire was from Ballymore and worked as a carer at Newbrook Nursing Home in Mullingar.




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