Chelsea goalkeeper picks up the cech

Darren O'Toole with Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech

Darren O'Toole with Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech

On a trip to Prague, Longford teenager Darren O’Toole scored a free lemonade from none other than Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech.

Darren, who is in Prague with his family filming a TV show for RTE, ran into the goalkeeper in a Costa Coffee when he had some free time from filming.

Speaking to the Leader from Prague Darren said “me and my sister Katie were given free time to roam the city for 2 hours and in the scorching 31 degrees I wanted to get out of the sun and get a drink. We passed a Costa and we were sitting there for about 10 minutes when a man in really fancy clothes sat down and that’s when I thought ‘that’s the goalkeeper for Chelsea’. To make sure I checked his Twitter to get a recent photo of him and then called his name to which he responded which made me panic and say I support West Ham.”

Petr didn’t take offence to the West Ham supporter but took the time to greet them and pose for some photographs. “After we took a selfie he signed it with a digital signature. We wandered off and my sister Katie went to Tally Weijl.”

Not unlike any other 17-year-old boy, Darren was not content clothes shopping with his sister and went back to discuss tactics with the football star. “I went back to Costa to get another drink and he asked if I cared to join him. We chatted for 10 minutes about football, Prague, the filming and FIFA. I told him the previous night I scored a goal as him in FIFA.”

“After we chatted he got up and left and the woman in Costa brought me down another drink which was paid for by Petr himself” Darren concluded.

The O’Toole family from Tarmonbarry will soon appear on a new RTE TV show which documents their holiday to Prague. They recently competed against other families and won the all expenses paid trip which will be aired in the coming months.




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