Carol getting stronger thanks to treatment in leading clinic

Carol and David Galvin with their daughter Molly at a fundraiser for Carol in Drumlish. Photo: Michelle Ghee

Carol and David Galvin with their daughter Molly at a fundraiser for Carol in Drumlish. Photo: Michelle Ghee

Athlone-based Carol Galvin has been in Germany for the past number of weeks, receiving treatment for Lyme Disease.

Almost ten years ago, Carol, daughter of Willie and Philomena Forde, Cloonaugh, Drumlish, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. After a number of unsuccessful treatments, Carol and her husband David heard about Lyme Disease through a friend.

When they discovered that Carol’s symptoms fit the description, blood samples were sent to a leading clinic in Germany, where it was found that Carol had a chronic form of the infection.

A number of weeks ago, Carol took the trip to a leading clinic for Lyme Disease in Germany. Speaking to the Leader this week, Carol’s husband David explains that she is currently undergoing treatment at the clinic, and thankfully, has been getting stronger, with all going to plan so far.

David explains that Carol is receiving IV treatment and physio every day in Germany. With the necessary items in the process of being shipped to Ireland, Carol will be able to continue treatment at home over Christmas.

In the New Year, Carol will return to Germany for a few weeks to continue treatment there.

Patients have travelled from all over the world to receive treatment at the clinic, and David and Carol have already met at least 5 families from Ireland. The number indicates that Lyme Disease is a problem in the country, and David says it’s a shame that people have to travel to be treated for the disease.

With Carol now receiving the treatment she needs, and getting stronger by the day, David expresses sincere gratitude to all that have helped and supported the family.

Fundraisers were held in Athlone and Drumlish over the past number of months to help raise the necessary funds for the treatment, which is expected to cost approximately €40,000.

“Once again fair play to the people of Drumlish for helping out” David says, adding his thanks to Carol’s parents for taking care of the couple’s six year old daughter Molly.

While things are going well so far, David adds that it is a long process that has only just begun. For now though, the couple are looking forward to spending some time at home.

To keep up to date with Carol’s progress, seach for Carol Galvin Lyme Disease Treatment Fund on Facebook.




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