Candidates slates SF

Labour’s European election candidate for Midlands-Northwest, Senator Lorraine Higgins, has said that Sinn Fein is engaged in political hypocrisy by opposing a government measure that will put 3,000 long term unemployed people into an employment scheme.

“It’s bewildering beyond belief that Sinn Fein would put down a motion in Dáil Éireann to oppose any initiative to help the long-term unemployed,” she said, adding that most deputies who contributed to the debate also expressed opposition to the Tús Scheme and the Rural Social Scheme.

“This is a remarkable stance by Sinn Fein in view of the fact a similar scheme exists in Northern Ireland. The participants in Northern Ireland receive €85 per week while in Ireland they will receive €208 per week and retain all their secondary benefits. This Government is doing all it can with Pathways to Work, Jobs Plus and the Action Plan on Jobs to put people unemployed on some route to full employment as the economy begins to recover.”




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