Bannon leaps to defence of Kenny as talk of Indian intervention on Savita case intensifies

Deputy James Bannon

Deputy James Bannon

  • by Liam Cosgrove

Longford Westmeath TD James Bannon has this evening warned against the Indian Government or any other outside agencies for becoming embroiled in the Savita Halappanavar controversy.

Mr Bannon said talk of such a move was imprudent after Taoiseach Enda Kenny once again came under sustained pressure from opposition parties to open up direct dialogue with Mrs Halappanavar’s husband, Praveeen.

He also said attempts made by Mr Halappanavar to lobby Indian officials such as Ambassador Debashish Chakravarti to push for a full, public inquiry was ill-advised.

“There is already an (HSE) inquiry set up and while I understand his (Mr Halappanavar’s) frustration I would be of a different view,” he said, while also indicating that he remained fully supportive of the Government on the issue.

“Inquiries that have been set up in this country in the past have proved to be quite successful.”

The Legan backbencher was then asked about his feelings concerning possible Indian involvement as pressure mounts on the Government to sanction an independent inquiry into the tragedy.

“We (government) are well capable of controlling our own affairs,” he replied earlier today. “I don’t see why they (Indian Government) should get involved, they have issues of our own.”

Mr Bannon’s comments come just hours before Fianna Fail health spokesman Billy Kelleher is expected to address members of the public on the issue alongside cuts to home help hours at a meeting inside the Longford Arms Hotel.




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