Authorities monitor Newtowncashel pollution threat

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Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has confirmed that it is investigating a pollution incident in Newtowncashel.

However an IFI spokesperson outlined that no further information was available at this time .

On Monday Longford County Council stated that the “effluent discharge in the Elfeet area of Newtowncashel” was currently under surveillance in consultation with IFI, and that it had “reduced significantly in volume”.

“The Council is monitoring the effect of any pollution on surface and ground waters, and on drinking water sources,” a spokesperson for the local authority added.

“Following a preliminary visit last last week by Specialist Engineering Consultants employed by the council to the site, the Council is developing an initial assessment of the best means of stemming future flows of any deleterious matter.

“ When the initial assessment is developed to preferred option stage, the Council will take all action necessary to safeguard the environment and drinking water supply.”

Last week, Cllr Mark Casey brought the issue to the fore when he asked Longford Co Council what plans it had to prevent an “environmental disaster” in Newtowncashel.

The concerns were raised after it was alleged that effluent was running into a pond that was flowing into the River Shannon.

“It is only a matter of time before the drinking water supply is contaminated; I am also extremely concerned about the environmental impact this will have on the area.

“We are trying to sell Newtowncashel in the tourist stakes - it is a beautiful award winning village and look at what is going on - it is a disgrace and everyone in extremely concerned,” remarked Cllr Casey during a meeting of Longford County Council.




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