70% unhappy with delivery of local services

People have been urged to turn out at the polls.

People have been urged to turn out at the polls.

A new survey of 6,000 Longford voters has indicated that over 70% of respondents are dissatisfied with the delivery of services within the county.

The five top areas of concern for Longford voters centre around the county’s worsening employment situation, the introduction of water charges, the deterioration of the local road network, property taxes and the administration of the local property tax system, and the decline of Longford town.

The survey was commissioned by Longford Fianna Fáil CDC between March 7 and 14 last.

Speaking to the Leader, Fianna Fail’s Director of Elections, Pat O’Rourke said the survey was not about “a blame game”, but rather an opportunity to identify local issues and put a plan of action in place to resolve them.

Reacting to the survey, Cllr Peggy Nolan (FG) said, “As a Longford woman, I am not happy about the way my county is going, but I am not blaming anyone for that. I have pleaded with successive governments to up the ante for Longford.”

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