Everyone a winner in the 
Grab and Win Grand Finale

Deirdre Flynn
Photo by Shelley Corcoran

Deirdre Flynn Photo by Shelley Corcoran

They came; they saw and they conquered, and for the seven winners in the Longford Leader’s Grab and Win Grand Finale last Saturday at Longford Shopping Centre, it was a day to remember.

Jennifer Rice, Kay Campbell, Angela Smith, Michael Jameson (whose sister Catriona appeared on his behalf), Liz Oates, Susan Prunty and Deirdre Flynn came together to grab as many of the vouchers that were blowing around inside the air-filled box as they could in the allotted time. When the air stopped blowing, the vouchers were counted up and the lucky contestant was given vouchers for the amount they collected.

The initiative has been run in conjunction with the Longford Leader for the past few years and provides shoppers and traders alike with the unique opportunity to showcase their wares, encourage customers to the town and purchase unique and special gifts during the festive season.

As always the Grand Finale brought much excitement and Leader staff were on hand to officiate proceedings and provide a little bit of encouragement along the way.

During the event, it was all to play for and with the clock ticking, it was anybody’s game. When the final results were tallied, it emerged that all participants fared out very well – all were winners.

Jennifer Rice received €565; Kay Campbell, €275; Angela Smith, €380; Michael Jameson, €530; Liz Oates, €380; Susan Prunty, €500 and Deirdre Flynn won €445 (all prizes given in vouchers).

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the traders of Longford,” a delighted Charlene Keenan, Longford Leader said.

“The competition has once again been heralded as a great success for all concerned and we look forward to an even better Grab and Win competition next year.

“Thanks also to all those who participated in the event and special thanks to Jim Behan and all at Longford Shopping Centre for hosting this year’s exciting Grand Finale – an occasion it has to be said, that has been most successful. Merry Christmas to one and all.”


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