Homegrown market is key to recovery

Longford’s economic recovery could rest on the continued growth of its domestic consumer base, it has been claimed.

In his role as manager of Longford Shopping Centre, Jim Behan is perhaps more qualified than most to analyse where Longford’s present day business challenges lie.

And not for the first time, he has renewed the call for greater support to be given to the county’s homegrown sector.

“While I am always hopeful of a large employer coming to Longford, indigenous industry is the one area that will improve the opportunity for employment,” he told Business Leader this week.

Less than a month into the new year, Mr Behan maintained consumer confidence levels had shown some improvement, even if footfall figures were “nothing to throw a party” over.

“We have noticed a lift, but it’s (figures) in line with what we expected,” said Mr Behan, who also occupies the role of chairperson of Longford’s Business Forum.

His comments come in the same week latest CSO figures recorded a nine per cent year on year fall in Longford’s unemployment levels.




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