CSO figures highlight rising farm costs

The latest statistics released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) in respect of agricultural prices, “underlines the need to address the continued rise in farm input costs”, Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmer’s Association (ICSA) President, Gaberial Gilmartin, stated earlier this week.

The organisation’s president was speaking in the aftermath of the publication of the results which were assessed under the Agricultural Price Indices 2012.

“The most worrying thing about these figures is that outputs increased by 3.6%, a percentage that is clearly well behind the increase in production costs,” Mr Gilmartin fumed while adding, that many farmers were also faced with “additional costs” this winter, because of adverse weather during the summer months. “It is also important to note that on many farms this year, extra inputs such as feed, were needed to make up for the effects of the bad weather this summer and there is also a shortage of good quality silage.

There are steps the Government can take to address the issue of steadily increasing input prices and ICSA has argued that the taxes and duties on fuel, in particular, is an area that must be revisited.”  

ICSA’s pre-Budget 2013 submission calls for a suspension of the carbon tax, which is coming in at just over 6 cent per litre on green diesel, or €20/tonne – up from €15/ tonne before May 1.


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