Crafty students show enterprise

For the past number of years there has been a great interest in Enterprise among the Transition Year students of St. Mel’s college and this year is no different.

This year’s endeavour is a company called “St. Mel’s Crafty Creations” and already there is a great buzz among the class.

Eoin Corcoran, the company’s Managing Director, said, “The aim of the company is to produce high quality hand crafted wooden products at very affordable prices, many of which will be once- offs and individual. All the wood used is locally sourced and any finishes and fittings used are also purchased locally where possible.”

The lads understand the need to support local business and are also aware of keeping their carbon footprint minimal.

Jack Kelly whose job it is to oversee production and quality control emphasises that all products are of a very high standard.

The idea came from talking with their teacher Mr Michael Galvin.

“Some of the students would have done woodwork to Junior Cert and remarked how, as they proudly brought their finished pieces home from school, they were often commented on by some of their teachers and members of the public. Some even got offers to sell them; that got the students thinking,” said Mr Galvin.

“The students did some research, they surveyed the public using a quick questionnaire and then they sat down and discussed just what sort of products they should produce. They came up with a range of products like decorative mirrors, clocks and lamps which would enhance any setting or would make a perfect Christmas gift.

“Other ideas include bird tables and tea light candle holders. They have also designed a range of Cribs to suit all tastes.”

The students have decided that 15% of all sales will be donated to Crumlin Children’s Hospital.

At the moment they are busy working on creating these products and are working during class time and lunch breaks to be ready for sale in early November.

Anyone who would like to view these fantastic products and who wish to purchase or place an order can do so by checking out the company website at or follow them on Facebook or check out their videos on Youtube.

The products will be for sale at Bank of Ireland branch in Longford as part of enterprise week from 19th – 23rd of November.




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