Best technology to drive renewable sector

AirSynergy's wind turbine design is more efficient than other models.

AirSynergy's wind turbine design is more efficient than other models.

Adrian Kelly, co-founder of Granard based company Airsynergy, has said that market forces and best technology would drive the renewables sector going forward as opposed to government subsidies.

He made the comments last week following the European Commission’s decision to allow member states more control over the amount of energy they generate from renewables.

Airsynergy is the provider of renewable energy solutions and Mr Kelly pointed out, “Renewable energy technologies have historically needed subsidy support from member states in order to make them financially viable – at least in the short term. However, new technology will soon make this a thing of the past.”

Airsynergy’s award-winning design produces more energy with less wind, doubling the power output from a wind turbine for less than a 20 per cent increase in cost.

Also, its turbines are smaller than conventional wind turbines.

Mr Kelly remarked, “The real debate about the true feasibility of the various renewable energy sources is now about to start and we believe that some of the newer wind technologies will compare favourably with traditional fossil fuels.

“For example, Airsynergy’s wind turbine technology doubles the annual power of current wind technology making the energy produced cheaper than fossil fuels and can work efficiently even in low wind EU countries such as Germany.”

Last year, Airsynergy won the Engineers Ireland Technology of the Year Award. 
While this week the company has been shortlisted in the Energy category of the Irish Times Innovation Awards.

“I am delighted to see the potential of our technology being recognised again with this shortlist in the Irish Times Innovation Awards,” said Jim Smyth, Chief Executive and the engineer and lead inventor behind the Airsynergy technology.

However, Mr Smyth added: “Although it’s nice to be recognised with awards, our key focus is the delivery products to the market before the end of this year.

“We have no doubt that our technology will help shape the future of the world and make the move to wind energy a much easier and cost efficient choice.”




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