Abbeycartron residents up in arms over revised development

Residents of Abbeycartron and Aughadegnan remain opposed to the development. Photo: Shelley Corcoran

Residents of Abbeycartron and Aughadegnan remain opposed to the development. Photo: Shelley Corcoran

Developers behind the proposed construction of 250 new houses in Longford town have scaled down their plans by dropping over 100 units from the original proposal.

As revealed by the Leader last summer, Roscommon based firm Laragan Land and Property Ltd had sought the construction of of 251 new houses, together with a creche at Abbeycartron and Aughadegnan.

Those plans, on foot of a request for further information by local authority planning officials and concerns from local residents, has seen Laragen row back on their initial submission.

In their reply, received by Longford Town Council on March 21, Laragan said plans for a 120sq metre creche still remain along with a “possible” 5 classroom sized school in time.

Much like the original design plans lodged last year, local residents have been quick to speak out.

In a detailed three page letter sent to Longford Town Council, which was later deemed invalid, residents’ spokesperson Fergus Reynolds said the revised plans had only served to heighten local concerns.

Among them include doubts over the addition of a car park comprising over 400 spaces, plans Mr Reynolds believes will cause even greater heartache for neighbouring homeowners.

Possible illegal activity late at night and the attraction a large open space will provide to so-called ‘boy racers’ were two issues specifically highlighted.

That, allied to claims the proposed site is a high risk flood area and a 2010 housing agency report calling for a pause in further development until 2018, are factors Mr Reynolds hopes planning officials will carefully consider over the coming weeks.

“Logic will tell you that there is no need for any additional planning of houses in the county for many years to come,” he argued.

In response to those misgivings, Laragan insisted the development will only be carried so long as market forces allow.

In the meantime, the council is awaiting the arrival of “further clarity” on the further information provided by Laragan ahead of a June deadline..




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